Motivation for Weight Loss: My 5 Reasons to Learn to Burn


How do you sustain your motivation for weight loss? Everyone eats differently, thus everyone will lose weight differently.

Even counting calories and keeping measurements will get tiresome, especially if you eat too much fat or tip the scales higher than the previous week.

All of these bump-in-the-road factors make it easy to lose confidence in your ability to keep the fat off and stick to a weight loss program before sabotaging all your efforts with a week long binge fest.

The problem arises because we all want rapid fat loss progress in a few weeks and forget that we’ve spent years or decades on a fat gain program.

Don’t let the slow, steady fat burning process prevent you from achieving the flat stomach of your dreams and a life of living lighter.

Work out because you love your body – not because you hate it.


Is there any place for dieting? Yes there is.

If you have a special incentive and a short timeframe, then go on a diet as a temporary measure to achieve a quicker result. Weddings, high school reunions and summer swimsuits may require a more drastic approach.


My Primary Reasons

Fat loss is a long term exercise, not a short term diet solution. Getting healthy is a lifestyle, not a temporary phase. You have to find motivation to maintain progress from all parts of your life. Here are mine:

    1. Long Life Dream— Being healthy matters. Too many of us succumb to health problems later in life. I do not want to spend more time in a hospital than in the outdoors.
    2. Flat Stomach Goal — Getting a flat stomach represents achieving a physique that allows me to be more fit, more mobile, more flexible and more active.
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    4. Feeling Fabulous in 50s — Taking action in my early 50s is critical for maintaining an ideal body weight with proper eating habits and regular exercise that sets the tone for the golden years.
    5. Nutrition Education — Since childhood, food is not made the same. Eating habits are not the same. Understanding what you eat and how you eat makes the biggest impact on your body and your overall health.
    6. Taking Control of Health — Who wants to be sick or obese? Your personal health is up to you. Don’t give up your control. Find a way to change your habits that take the bait of fast food, easy to consume goodies and food industry tricks to make you eat more fatty foods.


Little Gains, Little Losses

Each persons fat loss journey is marked by small victories. Losing weight is the ultimate goal, so be happy with any progress towards that end objective.

After a few weeks on a program, one of the most interesting surprises is how much time I’ve spent in the kitchen. The kitchen is no longer a foreign place. Even my teenaged son asks me if I’m ever going to “eat normal again” as he siphons off a cup of my protein shake.

A winning week is when there’s a little weight loss and a little muscle gain.

As always, the macro nutrients are a roller coaster ride, hard to keep steady. On the tough side, protein is always on my mind more than in my stomach. Still trying to find the right foods to increase protein to 30%.

Carbs are easier to manipulate though hard to keep down, so I adjust each week to bring them down to 50%. And with a bit of calorie counting you can start to get a handle on your fat intake to try and maintain the level at around20%.

In reality the journey of weight loss, fat loss and muscle building is a constant examination of your habits. After a month or two, my food and exercise regime is becoming more integrated into my lifestyle.

The numbers for body fat percentage and macro nutrients will always fluctuate. So the real motivation for weight loss comes from two sources: downward trends and body soreness.

Of course we all want to reduce BF% and build lean body mass (LBM), but those numbers are not going to be steady.

I equate body soreness with physical exercise that gets the job done. I want to push myself in weight training and cardio to feel like I’m in training.

Overall fitness is the long term goal, so even with incremental improvements each week, the real value comes with knowing that after a challenge period, you’ll be set to progress each week, each month and each year afterward.

It’s time for you to dig deep and find your own motivation for weight loss. Think about all the benefits of being active, being light, eating right and taking control of your body.