Fitness Success Takes Forever – My Personal Journey Continues


My personal fitness success story began in 2001. I was getting a fat belly and hated it.

I realized it was time to pay attention to my health before getting any older and pay some fat loss dues.

In my early 40s, I’d settled into midlife and lost focus. Physical exercise became a part-time activity and everyday eating continued without much thought for my body.

I’d never been real heavy, but a few old friends started making fat belly comments.

I was a bit stunned.

First Online Weight Loss Product


Searching the internet for some advice and motivation for losing weight, I stumbled on a website called It just clicked with me.

Despite the author rambling on in zealous tones about his problems with being a fat kid, trying all kinds of ab machines, weight loss supplements and diets, I decided to buy his book.

It cost $97; a huge sum for an information product back in the day.

What sold me on the product? It offered permanent and consistent weight loss without miracles, just a proper diet and exercise techniques. Plus, I needed to take action.

If it took $100 to find the right answer, then the money spent is worth it.

Fat Vanish started my fat loss education with three key points:

  • How to Eat Right, Light and Not at Night
  • Resistance Training as a Critical Component
  • Consistent Behavior is the Key to Success

For me, the most beneficial result of buying that first weight loss product was understanding the combined dynamics of nutrition and exercise. I finally knew the factors and how to control them.

Fat Vanish taught me how to avoid ever becoming overweight again. Since 2001, I’ve never worried about becoming fat.

An Active Life After 40..50..60..70

Remaining active, I managed to keep the weight off. I wanted to get leaner, lighter and stronger. My primary motivation came from three sources:

Being an Older Parent – I became a father at 42 and wanted to enjoy all aspects of being a parent, including keeping up with the kid.

Working in the Jungle – Part of my work includes long rides on logging roads, traversing jungle terrain and dealing with remote travel that wears you down. Being out of shape makes this intolerable.

Rainforest Research Trips – I also accompany wildlife researchers (reptiles, tigers, etc.) on excursions into the rainforest, so being fit is better than falling down.

All of these factors are not unique to me. Many of you are trying to deal with the toll of business travel and give quality time to your family. Whatever age you are, it’s time to start putting together a workout plan.

How ever much you weigh, it’s time to educate yourself on eating habits, exercise routines and how to make lifestyle changes.

Have you ever heard of Jack LaLanne? He was a fitness pioneer who had TV shows from the 1950s to 1980s. He died in January 2011 at age 96. He promoted daily exercise, healthy diets and weightlifting and worked out 2 hours a day until his death.

My goal is to be like Jack and live longer with good health.

If you want to be like Arnold Schwarzenegger, that’s fine too. I just admired LaLanne’s constant energy and enthusiasm over the muscle-bound types.

Lessons From Living in Asia


It is not always easy to change. It takes motivation and determination.

Too many people use their environment as an excuse: no gym, no place to run, too much traffic, too cold, etc.

Every environment has obstacles and opportunities, you just have to separate them out.

Living outside the USA has taught me many different approaches to eating. In Southeast Asia, the tendency is to eat many small meals during the day with an assortment of protein and vegetables. Portions also tend to be reasonable since a person eats every 3 to 4 hours.

On the downside, rice is the foundation for all meals and it piles up on the plate three times a day. That’s a carb killer load for me. In a country where the greeting is “Have you eaten yet?”, it’s a cultural faux pas to refuse the rice bowl.

So I just politely say no to rice to save my flat stomach dream.

The most valuable eating lesson discovered is from fasting. Whether due to religious or dietary reasons, the act of fasting is an eye-opener.

Fasting makes you totally aware of your caloric inputs and your energy levels. It allows you to physically measure your minimum sustenance levels. You’d be astonished how your body adapts and maintains nourishment.

Fasting taught me the art of undereating versus overeating. I know the fine line between the two and can regulate my food intake to avoid stuffing the stomach. An invaluable lesson to learn. 

Join the Journey

In truth, I’ve completed about 90% of my fitness goal to get a flat stomach and find my abs.

That last 10% of body fat loss to melt away those last 15 to 20 pounds is the hardest.

That’s why I’m on a crusade to ferret out the best fitness information and fat burning techniques to reach the final goal.

Fit 50 is an effort to convey over 13 years of trial and error into practical advice.

I want my experiences to translate into your decision to take action and start your own journey to better health and an active lifestyle well into your senior years.