Fit 50 Starters – Find Your Action Triggers


It is way too easy to get caught up in a spiral of lament, believing that you no longer have the power to make any changes to improve your body and lifestyle.

It’s never too late to start (in most cases), but starting is by far the hardest part.

After 50, battling the belly bulge and staying fit means changing a few of your routines and dietary patterns. Some sacrifices are necessary. Embrace them all and enjoy the overwhelming benefits of good health. Ignore them all and prepare for more hospital bills.

Getting a fresh start at fitness, despite being over 50, is not as daunting as it sounds.

Your sedentary ways are not permanent, just embedded.

It only takes one day to attempt a new habit, a new approach to eating, a new chance at exercise and a new active perspective that carries a robust and healthy lifestyle into the future.

Find your baseline health. Find the motives that click with your conscience. Find a trigger point to action.

It’s a beginning, a starting point, and a step in the right direction. There is no correct path; there is only a personal decision to move towards better health.

Take a moment to think about these 4 aspects of your life and how a different approach or slight alteration may be the key to kick-off a big, positive change in your life:

  • Eating – At least 5 to 6 times per day could change your life forever.
  • Exercise – At minimum, just 2.5 hours per week keeps you alive and well.
  • Motivation – At maximum mojo, you can reach every goal on your list.
  • Health – At stake, your body cannot continue without some proper attention.

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Eating Starters

Let’s get started with some food advice …

    1. Eating Education Essentials – Think about it. How many times do you eat over exercise per day? Without understanding nutrition, the calories pile on the body fat.
    2. Stay on Kitchen Patrol – Time to play ‘bad cop’ with your kitchen contents. Patrol your cabinets and your refrigerator to find all the fatty food culprits hanging out in your house. Be tough and toss the worst offenders in the trash.
    3. Organic Foods – Don’t fret too much about the higher price of organic vegetables, they are worth it. If too costly, then buy conventional fruits and veggies instead of going without.
    4. Nutrition on the Road – Bring your own food too. Try to eat every 3 hours by eating nuts or protein shakes and have oatmeal packets handy to avoid the breakfast buffet.
    5. Nutrition Plan – Perfection not required, just keep it simple. Do not overcomplicate the process that leads to distractions and desertion. Focus on providing protein and produce for every meal, eat every 3-4 hours, and stay away from sugar and processed foods.
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    7. “Lean, Green and Marine” – Think lean meats and add plenty of protein in your diet. Try to cook up some healthy green vegetables with each meal for fiber. And get your essential fats from more nutritious fish (marine) sources.
    8. Brain Tricks – Carbohydrates tend to trick the brain that you do not feel full, so you eat more. Proteins do not have this trick.
    9. Splurge Meals – Save up and splurge on 10% of your weekly meals to satisfy yearnings for your favorite foods. But do not let the switch turn off and stay on track for the other meals.
    10. Filter The Fat – New research changes the weight loss message, so keep aware of the latest scientific findings and discard fitness myths and bad fat loss advice.
    11. Taking Control of Health – Who wants to be sick or obese? Your personal health is up to you. Don’t give up your control. Don’t fall for the bait of fast food, easy to consume goodies and food industry tricks to make you eat more fatty foods.
    12. Nutrition Education – Since your childhood, food has not been made the same. Eating habits are not the same. Understanding what you eat and how you eat makes the biggest impact on your body and your overall health.
    13. Snacks for Kids – Parents set the tone with healthy choices over snack foods, though once in a while is okay. Don’t reward kids with sweet treats or keep them in the house and make the tough transition to a lifestyle change.
    14. Exercise Starters

      Overcome your obstacles about exercise …

    15. Weight Training Rocks – Pick up the dumbbells and transform your flab into a fat burning machine with fabulous side effects that sharpen the mind and body.
    16. 90 Minutes per Week – Focus on strength training as a priority without lots of cardio to get results for busy moms. Just 3 short burst interval training sessions (15 min) + 3 strength training sessions (15 min) = 90 minutes per week.
    17. Punch the Clock Workouts – Fitness and fat loss require putting in your time. On the days when you’re dragging, you still have to go to work. So clock in and get that workout done, even a lousy one.
    18. Lifting Heavy – Using heavier weights challenges the body to change with much faster results over long hours of cardio. And lifting even helps bone density.
    19. Move Your Ass More – Walk, run or swim to get your fat burning motor running and slot exercise into the daily schedule. It’s always good to shake that booty at any time.
    20. Time Management – The most critical aspect of losing weight and staying fit is to use time effectively to get results even with only 2 to 3 hours per week. Do not let time be a limiting factor.
    21. Fix the Scale Factor – Focus on burning fat and not on losing weight. Too many people only have one thing on their mind and that’s losing body weight.
    22. Lifting Heavy – Women need to lift heavy and challenge their muscles to get stronger from workouts and change your body. Train with heavier weights for harder reps over lots of reps with lighter ones.
    23. Juggling the Situation – Find time to do a workout even with small kids in the house. Carve out 15 minute blocks of time to do a set and feel good about sticking to your routine and program over the guilt of missing workouts.
    24. Training on the Road – Be flexible. Use the hotel gym in the morning and schedule in 3 workouts every week by planning ahead and adapting to keep your routine.
    25. Lifestyle Fitness Changes – Not just more workouts per week, be committed to changing your body with daily movements like using steps or parking father away. Get off the computer and stay active with the kids to set a good example.
    26. Interval Training– Combined with resistance training, intervals help to trim the body with good gluts and thunder thighs, a higher chest and better looking arms.
    27. Motivation Starters

      Get the best start with mind matters …

    28. Support Group – A key factor for success is having the support of family and others with the same enthusiasm, mindset and goals to overcome obstacles and change to a better lifestyle.
    29. Goal Setting – Without a proper attitude or action plan, you will fail. Writing down goals creates energy and motivation to maintain progress with direction.
    30. Avoid Scale Counts – Women are obsessive about counting calories that only adds stress, not relief. So put away the scale and just eat well and maintain your muscles.
    31. Mind Before Matter – Getting your head into the fat loss game sets the stage for success. Without motivation to lose weight, it doesn’t matter what you do.
    32. Struggle Strategies – Everyone has obstacles that hinder fitness training. After the initial momentum wears off, you must commit and find an important goal that gives you a powerful reason to overcome the struggle to stick to it.
    33. Long Life Dreams – Being healthy matters. Too many of us succumb to health problems later in life. Do not spend more time in a hospital than in the outdoors.
    34. Flat Stomach Goal – Getting a flat stomach represents achieving a physique that allows you to be more fit, more mobile, more flexible and more active.
    35. Resistance to Change – Ask your family to become allies in your fat loss journey and seek their support and participation with explanations on why current practices are hurting the family and change is needed.
    36. Feeling Fabulous in 50s – Taking action in your early 50s (or 40s) is critical for maintaining an ideal body weight with proper eating habits and regular exercise that sets the tone for many golden years.

Did you find one starter that you can get started with? You can change your fitness level with just one decision. You can change your lifestyle with a single action done consistently.

Get started and get healthy.

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