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Fat Loss Starts In The Kitchen: Beginners’ Tips


The best healthy recipes for weight loss are not just a collection of low fat meals, but a proper focus on the key food elements. The real progress for fat loss starts in the kitchen.

Even after 4 weeks, counting calories and keeping track of food consumption continues to pay off with critical diet data. Unfortunately, the numbers don’t lie.

Remember the food target is to eat a ratio of 50% Carbs, 30% Protein and 20% Fat content. Last week proved to be disappointing since fat consumption rose to 23% and protein dropped to 21%, with an uptick in carbohydrates to 55%. This is not a fat loss food balance or a healthy recipe for weight loss.

In short, these statistics show that more attention is needed in the kitchen to tighten up my diet to maintain food ratios that lead to fat loss.

Lose weight in the kitchen; gain health in the gym


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10 Weight Loss Myths for Rethinking Your Diet


With billions of dollars at stake selling diet supplements, promoting ab exercise gadgets, or filling your cart full of “fat free” foods, it’s hard to find the real truth.

Even nutrition specialists and food researchers confuse the message with contradicting advice on eating habits, food choices or dieting. There is not one prescription that fits all, so each of us needs to rethink the conventional wisdom and customize it to satisfy our individual preferences and behavior.

Junk food satisfies for a minute. Being fit satisfies for life.

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Motivation for Weight Loss: My 5 Reasons to Learn to Burn


How do you sustain your motivation for weight loss? Everyone eats differently, thus everyone will lose weight differently.

Even counting calories and keeping measurements will get tiresome, especially if you eat too much fat or tip the scales higher than the previous week.

All of these bump-in-the-road factors make it easy to lose confidence in your ability to keep the fat off and stick to a weight loss program before sabotaging all your efforts with a week long binge fest.

The problem arises because we all want rapid fat loss progress in a few weeks and forget that we’ve spent years or decades on a fat gain program.

Don’t let the slow, steady fat burning process prevent you from achieving the flat stomach of your dreams and a life of living lighter.

Work out because you love your body – not because you hate it.

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America’s Unhealthy Eating Habits – Stop Overeating & Obesity


The key to understanding how to stop overeating is to realize who’s controlling your eating habits. Is it you or the food industry?

You must realize that processed food is made to trap your tastebuds and hold your stomach hostage.

The truth is startling. Obesity is now normal and Americans are more overweight than average weight. We’ve lost control of how we eat. We’ve let the convenience of processed foods dictate our eating habits to the detriment of our well being.

Don’t let obesity be normal in your life.

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