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23 Fitness & Weight Loss Tips for Women From 3 Experts


Are you ready for a woman’s perspective on weight loss and fitness?

With so many bodybuilders, personal fitness trainers and health experts to choose from, it’s difficult to know what may or may not be effective for both men and women.

The following general fitness tips are from 3 outstanding resources that pay attention to the particular needs of the feminine form.

From proper weight training to supplements, these experts provide advice that can help you lose pounds or gain energy and reach your goals.

Put away the scale and just eat well and maintain your muscles.


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18 Rewarding Exercise Tips for Active Adults


Just like your all-time favorite foods, exercise rewards your body with a sense of overall well-being. Nothing compares to the satisfying sensations of finishing off a dark fudge, chocolate brownie or a slice of bbq brisket smothered with mesquite smoke flavor.

The sense of taste is powerful. Neurons in the brain stimulate a direct hit with your pleasure response to certain foods. So delicious food triggers your brain to bring on another plateful.

Regular exercise acts in a similar way. It engages the same neurons to elicit a positive feeling from the workout.

Exercise engages the same neural regions as other mood-enhancing rewards.

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Fitness Success Takes Forever – My Personal Journey Continues


My personal fitness success story began in 2001. I was getting a fat belly and hated it.

I realized it was time to pay attention to my health before getting any older and pay some fat loss dues.

In my early 40s, I’d settled into midlife and lost focus. Physical exercise became a part-time activity and everyday eating continued without much thought for my body.

I’d never been real heavy, but a few old friends started making fat belly comments.

I was a bit stunned.

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