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23 Fitness & Weight Loss Tips for Women From 3 Experts


Are you ready for a woman’s perspective on weight loss and fitness?

With so many bodybuilders, personal fitness trainers and health experts to choose from, it’s difficult to know what may or may not be effective for both men and women.

The following general fitness tips are from 3 outstanding resources that pay attention to the particular needs of the feminine form.

From proper weight training to supplements, these experts provide advice that can help you lose pounds or gain energy and reach your goals.

Put away the scale and just eat well and maintain your muscles.


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Motivation for Weight Loss: My 5 Reasons to Learn to Burn


How do you sustain your motivation for weight loss? Everyone eats differently, thus everyone will lose weight differently.

Even counting calories and keeping measurements will get tiresome, especially if you eat too much fat or tip the scales higher than the previous week.

All of these bump-in-the-road factors make it easy to lose confidence in your ability to keep the fat off and stick to a weight loss program before sabotaging all your efforts with a week long binge fest.

The problem arises because we all want rapid fat loss progress in a few weeks and forget that we’ve spent years or decades on a fat gain program.

Don’t let the slow, steady fat burning process prevent you from achieving the flat stomach of your dreams and a life of living lighter.

Work out because you love your body – not because you hate it.

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The Quick and the Dead Tired: Exercise and Sleep Quality


Getting enough sleep in the digital age is a tough task.

There are too many gadgets to entertain your eyeballs before succumbing to shuteye. Downloads and web-streaming are winning the battle of the night over dream time.

Among U.S. adults, poor sleep affects 25% of the population, with insufficient rest counting for 15 out of every 30 days. That’s a lot of lost sleep. And everyone knows you can’t really “catch up” on those missing hours.

The best way to regain better sleep patterns is to exercise. Active adults fall asleep faster. Tired adults with poor sleep health remain tired during the day and have difficulty concentrating.

150 minutes of exercise per week is enough to gain power of sleep benefits.

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Get Your Exercise Groove Back: 7 Sticky Strategies


Admit it, getting back to an exercise routine after a break is really tough. Everybody struggles with a restart after a layoff. But it doesn’t have to be a drag.

One big problem with getting your groove back is knowing your history. Thinking about what you used to achieve only puts up more hurdles to overcome. Focus on today’s task and not on the past or future.

I tend to have lulls throughout the year, when my desire to train hits a wall and I get lazy. Somehow the mornings turn into evenings and I’ve let the day slip by without a workout. These days are the worst.

My idea of exercise is a good brisk sit. ~Phyllis Diller

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18 Rewarding Exercise Tips for Active Adults


Just like your all-time favorite foods, exercise rewards your body with a sense of overall well-being. Nothing compares to the satisfying sensations of finishing off a dark fudge, chocolate brownie or a slice of bbq brisket smothered with mesquite smoke flavor.

The sense of taste is powerful. Neurons in the brain stimulate a direct hit with your pleasure response to certain foods. So delicious food triggers your brain to bring on another plateful.

Regular exercise acts in a similar way. It engages the same neurons to elicit a positive feeling from the workout.

Exercise engages the same neural regions as other mood-enhancing rewards.

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A NEAT Way to Fidget for Fitness and Increase Your Daily Calorie Burn


Exercise is not just about intensity and exertion for a major sweat. It’s also about the little stuff you do each day that adds up to burn off calories.

It’s time you learn about N.E.A.T. or Non-exercise activity thermogenesis. What is N.E.A.T.?

It is simply the production of heat from walking around the house, tapping your toes, body fidgeting, using the stairs or any other non-exercise movement. And it all counts for calorie burn.

Don’t dismiss the value of getting out of your chair. Studies show that obese people sit for 2.5 hours more than lean people, who get an extra 350 calories burned per day. That’s equivalent to a one light meal per day.

Our bodies are not adapting to technology changes that cater to less physical motion.

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Fit 50 Starters – Find Your Action Triggers


It is way too easy to get caught up in a spiral of lament, believing that you no longer have the power to make any changes to improve your body and lifestyle.

It’s never too late to start (in most cases), but starting is by far the hardest part.

After 50, battling the belly bulge and staying fit means changing a few of your routines and dietary patterns. Some sacrifices are necessary. Embrace them all and enjoy the overwhelming benefits of good health. Ignore them all and prepare for more hospital bills.

Getting a fresh start at fitness, despite being over 50, is not as daunting as it sounds.

Your sedentary ways are not permanent, just embedded.

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Incredible Life Lessons From Jack LaLanne: America’s First Fitness Icon


One of the main inspirations behind is Jack LaLanne.

As a fitness pioneer, LaLanne promoted daily exercise, weight training and healthy eating to American audiences long before anyone really knew the benefits.

His TV show ran from the 1950s to the 1980s and inspired generations of television watchers, whom he called his students, to get fit.

LaLanne taught athletes to pump iron long before it was acceptable because of the belief that bulky bodies would run slow and educated women that weight training does not make you loose your feminine curves.

Here is one of my favorite attitudes from Jack:

People work at dying, they don’t work at living. My workout is my obligation to life.

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