About Fit 50

I’m Rick Gregory and I’m glad you’re checking out the website (Fit50Health.com).

That means you are serious about getting your health and body back in shape. Like you, I’m always searching for ways to keep fit, eat right and avoid the downfalls of poor health.

The big problem? I don’t believe half the hype coming from fitness and health professionals.

Take any new diet pill or special ab machine for example. Most of these are just fitness placebos, prescribed to offer psychological benefits over very limited physical benefits.

If you want to improve yourself and stay fit throughout your life, the results come from making positive changes as your body and age changes. Remember 60 is the new 30. This is the emphasis behind Fit 50.

Think about active people from age 50 to 90. They run marathons, hike mountains, play soccer, take holidays overseas and keep up with their kids (grandkids). They’ve made changes and learned what works for them. They maintain healthy habits and work each day to get better.

Here’s a key goal from Fit 50 for you to grasp:

Action is always superior to analysis.

Like you, I struggle to stay fit and keep motivated. It’s a never-ending task. I’ve made good progress so far, but life usually gets in the way.

Who Benefits From Fit 50?

The website is designed to give you the “skinny” on things that matter:

  • How to get your nutrition on track to achieve the desired results of weight loss without dieting.
  • The debate over the intensity of cardio workouts and their effectiveness and how to approach what’s best for you.
  • How to overcome anxiety about starting a weight lifting program and feeling uncomfortable in the gym.
  • How to decide if diet pills and other supplements are really worth your trouble and money.
  • The pros and cons of intermittent fasting and value of finding how to under-eat instead of overeat.

There’s a lot to “digest” on Fit 50, so come back often and find the nuggets that lead to positive outcomes in your life.

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Make a Move to Stay Fit for Life.