23 Fitness & Weight Loss Tips for Women From 3 Experts


Are you ready for a woman’s perspective on weight loss and fitness?

With so many bodybuilders, personal fitness trainers and health experts to choose from, it’s difficult to know what may or may not be effective for both men and women.

The following general fitness tips are from 3 outstanding resources that pay attention to the particular needs of the feminine form.

From proper weight training to supplements, these experts provide advice that can help you lose pounds or gain energy and reach your goals.

Put away the scale and just eat well and maintain your muscles.



Rachel Cosgrove: The Female Body Breakthrough

Rachel Cosgrove is co-founder of Results Fitness in Southern California, one of the top fitness centers in America, and is qualified as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, U.S. Olympic Weightlifting Coach, and a U.S Triathlon Coach.

She has written for Women’s Health, Shape, Muscle and Fitness Hers, and many other fitness publications.

She is the best selling author of the book The Female Body Breakthrough and lectures on topics such as strength training, fat loss and nutrition specifically for helping women reach their potential in all aspects of their life.

    1. Time Management— The most critical aspect of losing weight and staying fit is to use time effectively to get results even with only 2 to 3 hours per week. Do not let time be a limiting factor.
    2. Training on the Road — Be flexible. Use the hotel gym in the morning and schedule in 3 workouts every week by planning ahead and adapting to keep your routine.
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    4. Nutrition on the Road — Bring your own food too. Try to eat every 3 hours by eating nuts or protein shakes and have oatmeal packets handy to avoid the breakfast buffet.
    5. Punch the Clock Workouts — Fitness and fat loss require putting in your time. On the days when you’re dragging, you still have to go to work. So clock in and get that workout done, even a lousy one.
    6. Splurge Meals — Save up and splurge on 10% of your weekly meals to satisfy yearnings for your favorite foods. But do not let the switch turn off and stay on track for the other meals.
    7. Eating Right Always — For most people, eating healthy 70% of the time is easy to achieve. The hard part is doing it for 90% or more to eat right for fat loss by preparing food, cooking and thinking 24 hours ahead.
    8. 4 Hours per Week — Combine strength training and metabolic workouts (jump squats, kettleball swings) with 2 weightlifting sessions and 2 metabolic circuits for better body fat loss response compared to slow and long cardio workouts.
    9. Struggle Strategies — Everyone has obstacles that hinder fitness training. After the initial momentum wears off, you must commit and find an important goal that gives you a powerful reason to overcome the struggle to stick to it.


Cassandra Forsythe: The New Lifting Rules for Women

Cassandra Forsythe is well-known for her expertise in low-carb diets, nutrition and fat loss for female health.

She is the author of two popular nationally publicized books for women, The New Rules of Lifting for Women, and the Women’s Health Perfect Body Diet.

Cassandra’s research covers the effects of low-carbohydrate diets, dietary fat manipulation, and resistance exercise on risk factors for heart disease, diabetes and body composition.

She holds a doctorate in exercise science and nutrition and is a Registered Dietitian, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and a Certified Sports Nutritionist.

Cassandra encourages women and men of all shapes, sizes and life stages to exercise seriously and with purpose. She is an advocate for fit pregnancies following her own ultra-fit gestation.

    1. Avoid Scale Counts — Women are obsessive about counting calories that only adds stress, not relief. So put away the scale and just eat well and maintain your muscles.
    2. Organic Foods — Don’t fret too much about the higher price of organic vegetables, they are worth it. If too costly, then buy conventional fruits and veggies instead of going without.
    3. Brain Tricks — Carbohydrates tend to trick the brain that you do not feel full, so you eat more. Proteins do not have this trick.
    4. Interval Training — Combined with resistance training, intervals help to trim the body with better good gluts and thunder thighs, a higher chest and better looking arms.
    5. Lifting Heavy — Using heavier weights challenges the body to change with much faster results over long hours of cardio. And lifting even helps bone density.
    6. Coconut Oil — The research shows that it protects against inflammation and is not stored in the body like non-saturated fats.
    7. Supplements — Fish and fish oil contain omega 3s that help with fat loss and use Vitamin D drops over pills. Also, take a break from supplements for 3 weeks.


Holly Rigsby: Fit Yummy Mummy

Holly Rigsby is a Certified Personal Trainer and the author of the Fit Yummy Mummy Workout System that helps busy moms lose stubborn baby fat and transform their bodies.

After childbirth, Holly wanted to change her body the healthy way and avoid starvation diets and hours of cardio.

She devoted her time on proper nutrition and exercise with the goal of achieving a better figure than her pre-baby body.

As a trainer and coach, her passion is to educate, motivate and inspire women to take daily action in order to realize their physical and personal dreams and goals.

    1. Lifestyle Fitness Changes — Not just more workouts per week, be commited to changing your body with daily movements like using steps or parking father away. Get off the computer and stay active with the kids to set a good example.
    2. Juggling the Situation — Find time to do a workout even with small kids in the house. Carve out 15 minute blocks of time to do a superset and feel good about sticking to your routine and program over the guilt of missing workouts.
    3. Nutrition Plan — Perfection not required, just keep it simple. Do not overcomplicate the process that leads to distractions and desertion. Focus on providing protein and produce for every meal, eat every 3-4 hours, and stay away from sugar and processed foods.
    4. Snacks for Kids — Parents set the tone with healthy choices over snack foods, though once in a while is okay. Don’t reward kids with sweet treats or keep them in the house and make the tough transition to a lifestyle change.
    5. Resistance to Change — Ask your family to become allies in your fat loss journey and seek their support and participation with explanations on why current practices are hurting the family and change is needed.
    6. Support Group — A key factor for success is having the support of family and others with the same enthusiasm, mindset and goals to overcome obstacles and change to a better lifestyle.
    7. 90 Minutes per Week — Focus on strength training as a priority without lots of cardio to get results for busy moms. Just 3 short burst interval training sessions (15 min) + 3 strength training sessions (15 min) = 90 minutes per week.
    8. Lifting Heavy — Women need to lift heavy and challenge their muscles to get stronger from workouts and change your body. Train with heavier weights for harder reps over lots of reps with lighter ones.

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